2018 Year of the Bubble

2018 Year of the Bubble.

More correctly, the Chinese calendar indicates 2018 to be the year of Dog. Personally, I like Year of the Bubble better. It's even more fun to say. Say this three times fast: Year of the Bubble is better. Year of the Bubble is better. Year of the Bubble is better.

Here is the real title of our first blog of the New Year, 2018

Customer Convenience and Entertainment Value

That’s a terrific title for a blog. The headline captures the essence of one bottle of world record setting beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, plus one Extreme Bubbles beeboo® Big Bubble Pro  or Starter Wand designed specifically for kids.


Customer Convenience

Buy one beeboo® Big Bubble Mix. Add water. Boom. Done.

That's convenient. 

One bottle makes one gallon of world record setting bubble mix. It works even better when left to age overnight. Store covered in cool dark place.

Way More Customer Convenience 

beeboo® works great as a refill for virtually every bubble toy. Yes, beeboo works great in a bubble machine! This is beeboo in a Chauvet bubble machine. Pure fun.


Beeboo works great with any bubble wand, large or small, plus bubble machines, bubble guns, bubble mowers, bubble blowers, bubble hoops, bubble loops and virtually every bubble toy. 

Customer Convenience Extraordinaire!


Entertainment Value

Cost divided by hours of pure joy, fun and memories.

Dip a Pro or Starter wand, let the wick material soak well before the first use. Look close at our wick. This product is super absorbent cotton and designed and chosen to be the official wick for both beeboo wands.


You get way more bubbles with ONE DIP, using our system of mix and wand, than any other brand and made in the USA. More bubbles per dip with beeboo is more fun! 

Now that's entertainment value.

You don't have to keep dipping the wand back and forth between bucket and blowing bubbles. That's too much like work.

One of our customers called and said he was blowing big beeboo bubbles, then leaned over to attend to his dog. When he looked up he saw bubbles all the way down the street. He was making a huge stream of big beeboo bubbles and didn't even know it! That's what we are talking about. Wow enhanced entertainment value.

Entertainment Value 

Note: As a chemist and inventor of beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, I realized quickly how special this new giant bubble mix was going to become. I met with Betty James, the inventor of “Slinky”. She loved beeboo and convinced me beeboo needed to be sold as a set, paired with a special big bubble wand, for customer convenience.

So, we invented the wand and special cotton wick with the help of a PhD chemist from Dow in Freeport, TX. He used world class laboratory equipment and confirmed the choice of wick that was the best, according to lab results. The reason our beeboo wands are better than any other is because the cotton absorbs a maximum amount of solution. But then, the most important part is that the wick releases the liquid slowly over a longer time. Thus, tons of big bubbles with one dip! Many more bubbles per dip than any other commercial big bubble kit available on the market today. 

You can also blow more bubbles in a bubbles using beeboo. It's easy. 


 Or see how many times you can bounce a bubble. That's fun too, especially at birthday parties. Be sure to use a glove. Any glove made of cotton, poly or blends. Just place a few drops of soapy water on the glove and rub your hands together to smooth the moisture all around the palm of the glove. Then bounce away with a beeboo bubble about the size of a baseball. Very cool music track for the video. It's hilarious how well the music and bouncing bubble video go together. 

Extreme Bubbles, Inc. products set more Guinness World Records than other commercially available bubble brand. Made in the USA.

Entertainment Value Priceless.

Extreme Bubbles, Inc. Copyright© DE 6/18/2018

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