October 05, 2018


beeboo available in Australia and New Zealand

Whiz Bang Science is our distributor for beeboo Big Bubble Mix in Australia and New Zealand. The folks in the southern hemisphere really know how to have fun with big bubbles. 


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January 07, 2018


2018 Year of the Bubble

2018 Year of the Bubble.

More correctly, the Chinese calendar indicates 2018 to be the year of Dog. Personally, I like Year of the Bubble better. It's even more fun to say. Say this three times fast: Year of the Bubble is better. Year of the Bubble is better. Year of the Bubble is better.

Here is the real title of our first blog of the New Year, 2018

Customer Convenience and Entertainment Value

That’s a terrific title for a blog. The headline captures the essence of one bottle of world record setting beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, plus one Extreme Bubbles beeboo® Big Bubble Pro  or Starter Wand designed specifically for kids.


Customer Convenience

Buy one beeboo® Big Bubble Mix. Add water. Boom. Done.

That's convenient. 

One bottle makes one gallon of world record setting bubble mix. It works even better when left to age overnight. Store covered in cool dark place.

Way More Customer Convenience 

beeboo® works great as a refill for virtually every bubble toy. Yes, beeboo works great in a bubble machine! This is beeboo in a Chauvet bubble machine. Pure fun.


Beeboo works great with any bubble wand, large or small, plus bubble machines, bubble guns, bubble mowers, bubble blowers, bubble hoops, bubble loops and virtually every bubble toy. 

Customer Convenience Extraordinaire!


Entertainment Value

Cost divided by hours of pure joy, fun and memories.

Dip a Pro or Starter wand, let the wick material soak well before the first use. Look close at our wick. This product is super absorbent cotton and designed and chosen to be the official wick for both beeboo wands.


You get way more bubbles with ONE DIP, using our system of mix and wand, than any other brand and made in the USA. More bubbles per dip with beeboo is more fun! 

Now that's entertainment value.

You don't have to keep dipping the wand back and forth between bucket and blowing bubbles. That's too much like work.

One of our customers called and said he was blowing big beeboo bubbles, then leaned over to attend to his dog. When he looked up he saw bubbles all the way down the street. He was making a huge stream of big beeboo bubbles and didn't even know it! That's what we are talking about. Wow enhanced entertainment value.

Entertainment Value 

Note: As a chemist and inventor of beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, I realized quickly how special this new giant bubble mix was going to become. I met with Betty James, the inventor of “Slinky”. She loved beeboo and convinced me beeboo needed to be sold as a set, paired with a special big bubble wand, for customer convenience.

So, we invented the wand and special cotton wick with the help of a PhD chemist from Dow in Freeport, TX. He used world class laboratory equipment and confirmed the choice of wick that was the best, according to lab results. The reason our beeboo wands are better than any other is because the cotton absorbs a maximum amount of solution. But then, the most important part is that the wick releases the liquid slowly over a longer time. Thus, tons of big bubbles with one dip! Many more bubbles per dip than any other commercial big bubble kit available on the market today. 

You can also blow more bubbles in a bubbles using beeboo. It's easy. 


 Or see how many times you can bounce a bubble. That's fun too, especially at birthday parties. Be sure to use a glove. Any glove made of cotton, poly or blends. Just place a few drops of soapy water on the glove and rub your hands together to smooth the moisture all around the palm of the glove. Then bounce away with a beeboo bubble about the size of a baseball. Very cool music track for the video. It's hilarious how well the music and bouncing bubble video go together. 

Extreme Bubbles, Inc. products set more Guinness World Records than other commercially available bubble brand. Made in the USA.

Entertainment Value Priceless.

Extreme Bubbles, Inc. Copyright© DE 6/18/2018


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December 31, 2017


Extreme Bubbles sets a Guinness World Record and didn't know it!


We added Magic Bubbles premium formula to our awesome product lineup in 2015. Although we are know to be innovators and world record setters with our big bubble mix called beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, customers kept asking us to make another quality bubble formula, but for little bubbles. Consumers are so discouraged with little bubbles purchased at big box suppliers. One brand called Miracle Bubbles has a joke that consumers quote: "It's a miracle if you can make a bubble with that stuff." So we created Magic Bubbles. The little bubbles have beautiful colors. Watch one bubble. You can see the color begin to disappear, then the bubble itself seems to disappear with no pop spray or splash. Thus, Magic Bubbles.

Just after introducing Magic Bubbles, an elder statesman of The Extreme Bubble Team, Bryce, created this awesome video! I love the Hawaiian music too. As you can see, he making hundreds of bubbles with one blow, right? 

The first GWR for most bubbles with one blow was set on April 22, 2015 by Fu Feng Tsai with a total of 47 bubbles blown with one wand dip. No, I'm not kidding! Bryce broke the record when he sent us his video August 16, 2015. Bryce blows literally hundreds of bubbles with one wand dip using Magic Bubbles! Bryce quotes: "You run out of breath before you run out of bubbles!"

So what? So What? That means ANYONE can break this Guinness World Record if you use Magic Bubbles and the technique used by Bryce. YOU CAN SET A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD TODAY. "Create a New Guinness World Record Application: here: Order your bottle of Magic Bubbles here. Good Luck. Enjoy the day!

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February 01, 2017


Magic Bubbles are the Best Bubbles Ever! (This video shows why.)

Published on Jan 31, 2017

I purchased around a dozen different brands of bubble fluid, and Magic Bubbles bubble fluid stood out as the best bubble fluid of all. It's available for purchase at http://amzn.to/2jzhAZs . You can also view my review there where I compare the different brands I tried.

I did not get paid to create, post, or share this video. The seller did ask me to post it, but I did not receive any compensation in exchange for doing so. I'm just glad to share with others how much fun these can be! (Just thought I should get that out of the way since so many online reviews are fake.)



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December 14, 2015


Our most recent Extreme Bubble Team fan letter.

Dear David –      Dec 12, 2015

I am one of your biggest fans. We just love your products. We saw the segment on the Today Show and had to have your extreme bubbles. They never fail us. I cannot remember how many years ago we saw the segment - but I never forgot it. The kids and the adults just love them - just like we do!! In September of this year, we had a small family reunion in Lansdale when some of our great nieces and nephews visited from Florida. We immediately ordered your extreme bubbles kit and Wow - were they impressed with your bubbles. Our niece - a mother of twins - put pictures on Facebook and so many people wanted to know where we purchased your product. That happens whenever we take your product with us. Hopefully, you have had some orders from the events we have attended - taking your bubbles with us.

Good luck with the business. We are hoping you are always there for our special events!

Theresa S.

extreme bubbles, inc. beeboo big bubbles bubble toy big bubble kit bubble mix


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October 12, 2015


How to properly store your big bubble solution

beeboo Big Bubble Bubble Toy Bubble Mix

Customers often ask how to best store their big bubble solution, once it’s mixed. These simple to follow steps will help insure you to successfully store your bubble solution for long periods of time, whether the product is beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, Do It Yourself (DIY) homemade bubble solution, or any other bubble mix that requires dilution.

Occasionally, you may find that the bubble mix you made just a few weeks ago, doesn’t seem to perform as well as when it was first mixed. The answer to this problem is simple and easy to fix. Just follow these steps to maximize the amount of time your bubble solution stays viable and at peak bubble performance, during storage. 

As a water treatment chemist and inventor of beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, I can tell you exactly why your bubble solution doesn’t perform like it did just a few weeks ago. Nature wants to reduce things to their most basic components. That's what non-harmful bacteria do in nature. They take complicated chemicals and compounds and reduce them back to their original carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In short, that's what happened to your left over bubble mix.

Bacteria love bubble mix because they have lots of carbons to eat. As this process continues, the mix can become cloudy or watery and performance goes downhill in a hurry. To combat this totally natural phenomenon, follow these easy steps.

1)            Make sure the container you are using for mixing is as clean as possible. Rinsing containers, especially buckets that may have stored out of date solution may require scrubbing. This is because many bacteria form a protein layer or slimy cover to insure their long term existence. The protein they use is almost like a very thin layer of slime. The best answer is to scrub the mixing containers with a brush, soap and clean water. Simply rinsing the container three times with cold, fresh water is not enough to clean the slime forming bacteria off the walls of a container. You need to scrub them off. 

2)            Now that you have a clean mixing container, be sure to use a good clean source of tap water. Most municipal tap water supplies for drinking water have trace amount of free available chlorine to insure the drinking water is safe from any pathogens. This is the best water to use when diluting beeboo. It should be free from most kinds of bacteria. If your source of water is from a well, it is much more likely to contain non-harmful bacteria. If you suspect your well water may be contaminated with an unusually high amount of bacteria, you can always get your well chlorinated by a trusted water treatment company or well water company. Other than that, you could boil the water, just to be sure. Let it cool to room temperature and then use to mix bubble solution. 

3)            Keep the solution as clean as possible. I’ve seen little children drag the flexible loops of their big bubble wands in the grass, leaves and dirt, only to place the jumbled up mix of organics right back into the bucket, contaminating the solution with even more bacteria. Simple answer here, is to keep the wand you are using, whether is a hoop, loop or any other bubble apparatus, as clean as possible. If your wand does get dirty, simply rinse with clean water before re-introducing back into the container of solution. 

4)            Filtering. Many customers have written and mentioned that when they need to store their solution for long periods of time, they filter the solution with cheesecloth, or cotton T-shirt material, while they pour it back into their clean storage container. Filtering your solution will also help minimize organic contamination. 

5)            Use clean storage containers. Glass storage containers work better than plastic storage containers, only because glass is much easier to keep clean. Both materials of construction work equally well if they are clean. 

6)            Cover. Use a cover, cap or lid on your storage container. 

7)            Store in a cool dark place. Customers have reported storing used solution in their refrigerator for up to six months and more, without any decrease in performance. 

All of these actions help minimize bacteria from consuming the carbons in the soap solution, and therefore help in maintaining peak performance of your bubble solution for days, weeks and even months. We have had customers help us with this subject from their direct personal experiences, offering their personal hints, tips and clues. Many customers successfully store their solution for six months or more, using these easy to follow and simple steps. Enjoy the day!

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August 31, 2015


My Big Bubbles Keep Popping! How to solve common big bubble problems.

We've been blowing big bubbles for decades, and we've tried just about every solution and big bubble wand that's out there. After all these years of bubble blowing, we've learned a thing or two and we'd love to share our knowledge with you.

One of the most common problems you'll run into when blowing big bubbles is the big bubble that pops too quickly - often before it even gets off the wand! There's nothing quite like watching a big, beautiful bubble float off into the sky...so when your big bubbles are DOA it's a major bummer. But don't worry, we're here to help!  

The top five big bubble problems, and how to fix them.

Here are the most common issues that cause giant bubbles to pop too quickly. Run down this checklist and make sure you're not doing any of these things.

Top 5 Big Bubble Problems & How to Fix Them

  • Using a dirty container.

This is the most common issue, by far. And it's a tough one because it's not an obvious problem! Here's what happens: you mix up your bubble solution in a nice big bowl or bucket. It's got to be large enough to dip the bubble wand into, and it's also ideally big enough to hold a gallon of solution with extra room to prevent slops and spills. Often this container ends up being a kitchen mixing bowl or a utility bucket from the garage.  If there's any residue left in the container - even trace amounts - it can wreck havoc on the integrity of your bubble solution! Bleach remnants and oily residues are especially deadly to big bubbles.  So make sure the bubble solution container you use is completely clean and very well rinsed. PS if you'd like a special collapsible bucket for your bubble solution, we sell one here.


  • Letting too much foam build up on the surface of the bubble solution.

It's easy to let a thick layer of foam build up on the surface of your bubble solution. This can happen during the mixing process, or after you've been blowing bubbles for awhile. A layer of foam is not good for big bubbles - it makes them pop much more easily and frequently.The solution to this is simple. Just scoop the foam off the top of your bubble solution and throw it away. We just use our hands, but you could also use a big spoon. Once your solution is free of foam, you'll be ready to go again!


  • A dirty wand.

This one happens all the time. You lay your wand down for a second, then notice it's covered in mulch, grass clippings, little sticks, whatever. This is terrible for big bubble health! Your wand's wick needs to be clean, so just take a moment to pick off the debris. Rinse in a sink or with a hose if it's really bad. Once your wand is clean you're back in business.



  • Mixing bubble solution concentrate with distilled water (rather than plain tap water).

Sometimes we hear of customers wanting to be extra careful and take that extra step to make super high quality bubble solution...so instead of regular old tap water they use fancy distilled water. Bad news though! This will have the opposite effect on your big bubble solution - distilled water is terrible for bubble solution! It creates a weak solution that just doesn't blow good big bubbles. Your best bet is to use regular tap water. Want more info on the science behind this? Leave a comment if you're interested and I'd be happy to write another post about that.


  • A very hot dry day.

    There's one type of weather that big bubbles just don't like, and it's hot dry weather. Add in a little wind and you've got a day that's just never going to be great for big bubbling. It's primarily super dry weather that's bad for big bubbles, because it causes the water in the bubble to evaporate too quickly which causes your bubbles to pop. Hot plus dry just emphasizes this evaporation problem, as does a bit of wind. Try to stay in the shade and out of the wind, if you can, to help mitigate this issue. 

    Special tip: the absolute best time to blow big bubbles is just after a rain shower. The air is cool and damp, and any pollutants or particles floating in the air have been washed away leaving the way clear for big bubbles to soar!

    The top five big bubble problems, and how to fix them.

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    July 04, 2015


    Homemade Bubbles Without Glycerin

    We've been mixing up bubble solution for decades, and even set a World Record for biggest free floating soap bubble back in 2005. See our record published in the 2008 and 2010 world record book editions. Many customers, clients, artists, entertainers and educators consider us bubble experts! Although we do make a living selling professional grade big bubble solution (beeboo  is our flagship product), that doesn't mean we don't know how to mix up a mean batch of homemade bubbles.

    You can find lots of recipes online for homemade bubble solution that call for glycerin or karo syrup. Those recipes work great, but we have one big problem with them: most people don't keep glycerin in their cupboards! And when you're faced with a hot summer day and playful kids, you want to be able to mix up a batch of homemade bubbles right away without running to the store or placing any special orders.

    That's where this bubble recipe comes in. It is incredibly easy and uses ingredients commonly found at home. No glycerin required for this homemade bubble solution - instead we use HONEY

    Homemade bubble solution, made with honey!

    Here's the recipe:

    Homemade Bubble Solution with Honey

    • 4 cups clean water
    • 1/2 cup dish soap (Dawn, the blue stuff, works best!)
    • 1/3 cup honey

    Combine lukewarm water with the honey and stir completely to dissolve honey. Slowly pour in the dish soap and gently stir to combine. Try not to create foam during this step; too much foam prevents the solution from working well. You can use this solution right away to blow big and small bubbles, and the solution works even better if you let it sit and age for a few hours or overnight.

    Homemade big bubbles, made without glycerin

    All these pictures were taken about 1 hour after mixing up the homemade bubbles recipe. We are using the WhatABubble Wand and a regular kitchen mixing bowl. We had great luck blowing some beautiful big bubbles, though they did not last as long or float as far as bubbles we've created using our professional grade solution or bubble kits.

    Easy Bubble Recipe using honey

    DIY bubble solution for big bubbles

    We were thrilled to find that the small bubbles we made with this homemade solution landed on grass without popping! How cool! 

    Bubble Recipe for DIY bubbles

    We made small bubbles using the new 8-1 wand from Magic Bubbles. We love this wand so much - it's one of the best small bubble wands we've ever used.

    DIY Bubble Solution - an easy bubble recipe without glycerin

    Give this homemade solution a try! It really works, and it's so easy. We would love to see your pictures of this homemade solution in action. Please send them to us at customerservice@ExtremeBubbles.com or post them on our Facebook page

    Extreme Bubbles, Inc. #USA

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    May 28, 2015


    "I've tried at least 7 brands of bubbles: This is tops!" An Amazon Review by Pachelbel.

    We received a five star review for New Magic Bubbles 32 oz Premium Bubbles on Amazon by Pachelbel. This young man tested seven brands of bubbles and our new Magic Bubbles is # 1! To date, I cannot recall such a complete and comprehensive review of bubbles. This is basically a PhD recitation, but in an easy to understand language. He is very thorough in his examination, observations and comparisons. He took good notes and he is sharing his valuable information with us. Thank you very much Mr. Pachelbel. 

    The seven brand bubble review is complete with video upload. It's fun to watch and is only 34 seconds long. When you watch the video, count the number of breaths this young person takes, to blow all of the bubbles. How many breaths did you count? 

    To read the review, watch the video and count breaths, follow this link: I've tried at least 7 brands of bubbles: This is tops!


    Pachelbel does an outstanding job outlining main features, advantages and benefits of Magic Bubbles. My favorite feature of Magic Bubbles, and the reason I call them Magic Bubbles is, that in the proper weather conditions, you can watch Magic Bubbles evaporate, right before your eyes. They don't pop, rather, they seem to disappear. Watch one Magic Bubble as it floats about. You can see the colors, then the colors disappear, and the Magic Bubble is clear. Keep watching and the clear becomes fainter, until boink, no bubble. Where did it go? I didn't see it pop! What happened to the Magic Bubble!?!?!?!?

    And don't forget that babies love Magic Bubble too!

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    May 19, 2015


    WhatABubble® - World's Smallest, Most Portable, Giant Bubble Kit, Just Add Water.

    WhatABubble® is the world's smallest, most portable, giant bubble kit. The clever design incorporates the 10" x 6" Ziploc as the package container as well as the solution container. Here's how. Each WhatABubble® kit includes a custom engraved collapsible wand, enough mix to make one quart of solution and the Ziploc becomes the solution container. How about this for convenience: You don't even have to measure water. Just add water to "fill line". Take a look at the WhatABubble® picture below. You can see the fill line about half way up 


    The WhatABubble® custom engraved, collapsible giant bubble wand has seven feet of super absorbent cotton wick material, just like our very famous and popular Pro Wand, which makes the biggest bubbles. 

    Experience ultimate giant bubble convenience and portability. Buy some WhatABubble® today for the most fun summer ever. 

    WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Grab & Go Kits and WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Concentrate are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. WhatABubble® is a registered trademark of Extreme Bubbles, Inc. © 2015.

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