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Q: What do you mean when you say, "16oz of concentrate makes 1 gallon of solution"?

A: We've never been able to understand why other bubble companies have you, the customer, pay to ship water. You've got plenty of water at home. That's why beeboo® Big Bubble Mix is a concentrated formula. It's just smarter. Add one bottle of beeboo Big Bubble Mix to 14 cups of tap water, mix gently, remove foam and you're ready to blow huge bubbles. Works great right away and even better the next day. Each bottle makes a gallon.

Q: Isn't it true that I can make my own bubble solution at home?

A: Yes, that’s how I started our company. 25 years ago, I purchased a big bubble wand that had directions on how to make your own homemade big bubble solution. I followed the directions perfectly, and was terribly disappointed with the results. I decided to create a better big bubble product. I put my many years of water treatment chemistry to work and created beeboo® Big Bubble Mix. beeboo Big Bubble Mix is easy, convenient and fun and works reliably in any weather conditions with any bubble wand or bubble toy. Extreme Bubbles, Inc. set the first world record for largest free floating soap bubble with beeboo® Big Bubble Mix. See our world record published in the 2008 and 2010 world record book editions.

Q: I have a big event coming up. Do you offer any discounted prices for large orders?

A: Yes. Churches, schools and summer camps are just a few of the groups that qualify for volume discounts. Email us: CustomerService@ExtremeBubbles.com. See more on our Contact Us page.

Q: I work for a retail store and am in charge of bringing in new products. Do you offer wholesale prices?

A: Yes. Navigate to Contact Us and click on New Wholesalers

Q: How do I get beeboo Big Bubble Mix in my local store?

A: First, tell your local retailer about our products and encourage them to visit our website at www.ExtremeBubbles.com. Or tell them to email us: CustomerService@ExtremeBubbles.com. Once our products are stocked, your local retailer can list their retail location name and address on our where to buy page.

Q: Is beeboo Big Bubble Mix safe for children?

A: Yes. beeboo Big Bubble Mix meets all current toy safety standards.

Q: How long will 1 bottle of beeboo Big Bubble Mix last?

A: That’s a good question. Of course, results may vary, everyone is different. Factors such as the size of the bubbles you're blowing as well as how fast you're creating them can affect how long 1 bottle will last. What we can say is that 1 bottle sure packs in a lot of entertainment value and lots of good clean fun! One of our customers wrote us an email regarding the length of time it took her to use 1 bottle of beeboo Big Bubble Mix. She stated that when using 1 large and 1 small wand it took her and two others between 1.5 and 2 hours to use up all the solution.

Q: Are there any good uses for bubbles?

A: Yes. Bubble education, physics, chemistry, mathematics, bubble therapy and bubble entertainment. Bubbles are used in industry, science and philosophy. Bubbles can be enjoyed simply for their aesthetics or their ability to inspire awe. Did you know that beeboo Big Bubble Mix is currently being used as a medium for 2 dimensional fluid dynamics research by 3 different distinguished PhD's at 3 different major universities across the country? beeboo Big Bubble Mix went on tour with a Grammy nominated pop star (she wanted bubbles to rain down on her during each show), and has also been used to create bubbles in a very successful Las Vegas Cirque du Soliel show.

Q: Do weather conditions affect how long my bubbles last?

A: In a word, yes. The only weather factor that will seriously affect your ability to blow big bubbles is wind. If there's excessive wind, it's probably not the best day to blow big bubbles, but it's a great day to blow lots of little bubbles. Cool damp conditions are better for blowing bubbles, especially big bubbles, in contrast to hot dry conditions. When attempting to blow gigantic bubbles, blowing them in the shade may help increase their lifespan. The shade will help slow the rate of evaporation. Keep in mind that beeboo Big Bubble Mix works in virtually all weather conditions, yes even freezing, so don't get too caught up in weather. Get outside and play!

Q: When is the best time to blow beeboo bubbles?

A: When you are happy or when you are sad, at parties, when you want to attract attention, when you want to entertain or educate others, when you are totally bored, when you are feeling creative or inspired, when the sun is shining, when it's raining, when it's cold and snowing, anytime. That's the beauty of beeboo Big Bubble Mix. Get outside and play!

Q: When is National Bubble Week?

A: National Bubble Week begins on the first day of spring.

Q: Who can enjoy beeboo Big Bubble Mix?

A: There are three basic kinds of bubbleheads:
•    those who enjoy blowing bubbles
•    those who enjoy watching bubbles
•    and those who enjoy popping bubbles

Q: What is the largest possible bubble?

A: Some people believe that the largest possible bubble could be 30 feet in diameter. If true, the bubble would have a circumference of 94.25 feet and a volume of 14,137.17 cubic feet. Now that's an Extreme Bubble.

Q: How much does a bubble weigh?

A: One ton of bubbles weighs 2,000 pounds. In the UK one tonne of bubbles weighs 2,200 pounds.

Q: Where can I learn more about bubbles?

A: Extreme Bubbles Blog: Top 11 secrets for creating record breaking big bubbles

Get outside and play. Everyone loves bubbles. Made in #USA.