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Extreme Bubbles, Inc creates the highest quality big bubble solution, bubble wands, kits, and bubble toys that you can buy!

Our most popular product is beeboo Big Bubble Mix, the bubble solution we used to set a world record for largest soap bubble! Our Bubble Kits are also very popular - they contain wands and solution in one convenient package for easy transport and play. And don't miss our newest product, Magic Bubbles, a ready to use formula that blows hundreds of small bubbles and is very easy for kids to use.

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Magic Bubbles are the Best Bubbles Ever! (This video shows why.)

February 01, 2017

Published on Jan 31, 2017

I purchased around a dozen different brands of bubble fluid, and Magic Bubbles bubble fluid stood out as the best bubble fluid of all. It's available for purchase at http://amzn.to/2jzhAZs . You can also view my review there where I compare the different brands I tried.

I did not get paid to create, post, or share this video. The seller did ask me to post it, but I did not receive any compensation in exchange for doing so. I'm just glad to share with others how much fun these can be! (Just thought I should get that out of the way since so many online reviews are fake.)