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beeboo® Big Bubble Mix is our most popular product for a reason; it is the secret formula we us ed to set the first world record for largest free floating soap bubble. You can see our record published in the 2008 and 2010 World Record Book Editions.

beeboo is a concentrate; that means each 16 oz bottle makes one whole gallon of bubble solution! Why pay to ship water? It's easy to make, just add 1 bottle of beeboo to 14 cups of tap water and mix gently. For more tips on blowing the best big bubbles, read this blog post.

For best results use beeboo Big Bubble Mix with beeboo Big bubble Pro Wands for the biggest bubbles and beeboo Big bubble Starter Wands, specially designed for youngsters.

beeboo is also a terrific bubble mix refill. beeboo works great with practically any bubble wand, large or small, as well as bubble machines, bubble guns, bubble mowers, bubble blowers, bubble hoops, bubble loops and virtually any bubble toy.

It's easy to make big bubbles with beeboo Big Bubble Mix and beeboo Big Bubble Wands. Just open and close. It's that easy. beeboo Big Bubble Mix is the secret. You get the most bubbles per dip with beeboo Big Bubble Wands. beeboo Big Bubbles have beautiful colors and last an incredibly long time.

 beeboo earned the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award as one of the best new toys in 2008. Stephanie Oppenheim says it best in her blog "Best Bubble Toys". She is a huge fan of beeboo Big Bubble Mix. Stephanie is an exceptionally discerning toy tester and correctly identifies why our big bubble toys are so popular all over the world; "they appeal to people of all ages." You can watch Stephanie demonstrate our beeboo Big Bubble Mix and Big Bubble Wands on the TODAY SHOW.

beeboo Big Bubble Mix works great as a bubble solution refill in most bubble machines. Video shows beeboo in a Gazillion Bubble Machine by Funrise. As you can see, the bubble production is tremendous, and easily as many bubbles produced as the Gazillion Bubble solution. beeboo Big Bubble Mix is much more economical though. You can buy one 32 fl oz bottle of Gazillion on Amazon for $10, or $40/gallon! When you mix up beeboo at our recommended dilution of 7:1 dilution, your cost is only $12.99/gallon. beeboo costs three times less than a gallon of Gazillion. and the beeboo bubbles produced have better colors and last much longer. Try some beeboo Big Bubble Mix in your bubble machine today. Age recommended is 6 years and up. 


World Record Bubbles by Danielle Haddad is my favorite video; mom making big bubbles for her babies. My favorite part is when you hear them get so excited they begin to hyperventilate. 



You know how to blow bubbles in a bubble, right? beeboo® Big Bubble Mix was the first bubble mix readily available to the public that allowed customers to blow bubbles inside a big bubble. Just make a big bubble, get close like you're going to blow out birthday candles, and blow. Keep repeating and see how many bubbles you can blow inside another big bubble. Some people use a straw to make it even easier to blow bubbles in a bubble. This property of beeboo®, the characteristic of  being able to blow bubbles in another bubble, is referred to as a self healing property.



The next video may be the first time in the world someone has blown a beeboo bubble, from inside another big beeboo bubble. 


 According to Guinness World Records, the most bounces of a soap bubble is 88 and was achieved by Isaac Louie (USA) at Market Magic Shop in Seattle, Washington, USA, on 7 January 2011.

Our first attempt at bouncing a bubble with beeboo® Big Bubble Mix was 44 times! We think that's pretty good for our first try at bouncing a bubble. How many times can you bounce a bubble? Can you break the current Guinness World Record for bouncing a bubble with beeboo? Try some now


beeboo® works great as a refill for virtually every bubble toy. This is beeboo in a Chauvet bubble machine, and a recommended dilution of 7:1, to make one gallon of bubble machine mix. See what it's like to be inside a Slo-Mo beeboo bubble storm.


beeboo® Big Bubble Mix and beeboo® Big Bubble Pro and Starter Wands are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Extreme Bubbles, Inc. is privately owned. beeboo® Big Bubble Mix set the first world record for largest free floating soap bubble. Our world record is published in the 2008 and 2010 world record book editions. We appreciate your business. Send us your pictures, videos and stories. 

beeboo Big Bubble Mix case has 24 bottles, measure 15" x 10" x 8" and weighs 29 pounds.

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