Big Bubble Hoop Terrific for Windy Days USA

Our 10" Bubble Hoop Kit makes it super easy for anyone, including little kids, to make a bunch of big and small bubbles all at the same time, even on windy days.  This bubble kit includes:

  • A large 10" diameter hoop with openings to create both big and small bubbles with each dip.
  • Our famous big bubble solution concentrate. Add 3.5 cups of water to the concentrate to create 4 cups of big bubble solution.
  • A blue plastic tray to hold bubble solution and use with the 10" hoop wand.

This bubble kit is especially good on windy days and in places with less than ideal bubble conditions like the beach. Why? It makes tons of bubbles, big and small, in any weather conditions thanks to the wand design. Just dip the big bubble wand in the pan of solution and hold the wand up in the wind. Let the wind do all the work, or swirl it around in a circle. 

What's really cool is you can re-order our big bubble solution in a convenient six pack. Stock up for when the grand-kids come to visit! 

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