beeboo® Big Bubble Pro Pack USA

beeboo® Big Bubble Pro Pack has our World Record setting big bubble mix and largest bubble wand.  Best for adults and older kids who want to create the biggest bubbles possible and impress the whole neighborhood.

Pro Pack Contents:

  • 1 Pro Wand, blows the biggest bubbles
  • 2 bottles of World Record setting beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, makes 2 gallons

The Pro Wand is our largest bubble wand, which means it makes the biggest bubbles. It is constructed using the "two handled" design: two 30 inch wooden handles, connected by a seven foot loop of super absorbent cotton wick. Each wooden handle is perfectly laser engraved. Our carefully selected cotton wick holds solution longer so you can make many more big bubbles with each dip. This wand sets huge bubbles aloft high in the air so they can float incredibly long distances. The two handled wand design has been used to set every big bubble world record in the last 25 years.

beeboo Big Bubble Mix is our flagship bubble solution; it is our most popular product for a reason. This is the secret formula we used to set the first World Record for "Largest Free Floating Soap Bubble", so you know it really works! You can see our record publish in the World Record Book 2008 and 2010 Edition. beeboo is a concentrate, which means that one small bottle creates a whole gallon of bubble solution. Simply add one bottle of beeboo to 14 cups of tap water, mix gently, remove foam. beeboo works great right after mixing and works even better the next day. beeboo big bubbles have beautiful colors, last a long time, are extremely resilient. The robust formula allows beeboo bubbles to occasionally bounce off water, cars, and more.

beeboo Big Bubble Mix and beeboo Big Bubble Pro Wands are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Extreme Bubbles, Inc. is family owned. We appreciate your business. With each order you help create jobs in America.

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