Big Bubble Hoop Easy for Kids USA

The Hoop Big Bubble Kit includes:

  • A large rigid hoop wand with a seven inch (7”) diameter circular shape.
  • Our famous big bubble solution concentrate. Add 3.5 cups of water to the concentrate to create 4 cups of big bubble solution.
  • New updated rigid blue plastic tray to hold bubble solution and use with the 7" hoop wand.
  • A free bonus! One traditional small plastic bubble wand.

We've also included some fun instructions with this kit that teach you how to:

  • blow bubbles in a bubble
  • bounce a bubble (with a gloved hand!)

Virtually everyone can make nice big bubbles with The Hoop. Just dip in the tray and wave through the air. Or, if it’s really windy outside, dip The Hoop then let Mother Nature do all the work and blow your big bubbles all the way down to the end of the block. Customers like The Hoop because even the 3 year olds can make bubbles!

The Hoop kit also contains one small plastic bubble wand, the kind you blow through. The plastic wand is very high quality and make tons of small bubbles, especially outside on windy days. The small wand makes it perfect for children to blow lots of bubbles.

Last but not least, the most important part of this kit is the Giant Bubble Mix, a concentrate. Add one bottle of concentrate to 3.5 cups of tap water, mix and you're ready to go. Giant Bubble Mix works great right away and works even better when left to age overnight!

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