WhatABubble® World's Smallest Portable Big Bubble Kit USA

Our most recent five star review!
This was a HUGE hit at our family reunion! Even the adults liked to play with it. The bag of solution is great because I just took it with me and added water to it there, at the pavilion at an outside park. It was easy and the wand fit in great for minimal mess. Easy to learn as well. Great toy.
  • WhatABubble kits contain one 4 fl. oz. bottle of WhatABubble giant bubble concentrate, makes one quart. Ziploc serves as bubble mix container.
  • You don't even need to measure water, each WhatABubble kit has a "fill line" on the label. WhatABubbles are huge, colorful, easy to make and last a really long time.
  • WhatABubble portable giant bubble wands have 7' of super absorbent cotton wick material, just like our pro wand, and makes the biggest bubbles. Hold both handles high in the air and the bubbles last a long time.
  • WhatABubble wand handles come apart for compact travel. Entire package measure only 10"x6"x2". You can even take this onboard as carry-on luggage for your next holiday.
  • Made in Minneapolis, MN. With every purchase you help create jobs in America.

WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Kit creates big bubbles with vibrant, beautiful colors. Our big bubbles last an incredibly long time. Watch the video below to see big bubbles bounce off water!  

WhatABubble® Portable Giant Bubble Kits make it easy and convenient to create huge, colorful, long lasting bubbles. Add tap water to the “fill line” on the portable Ziploc container, add one bottle of WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Concentrate, mix and remove foam. You don't even need to measure water. Super convenient. WhatABubble® Giant Bubble mix works great right away and works even better when left to age overnight. The secret is in the formula!

WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Kit have red and yellow custom engraved handles, and super absorbent cotton wick. The cotton wick material measures a total of seven feet in length. That’s as much wick in our large Pro Wand which makes the biggest bubbles, but in a small, very compact portable size.

WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Grab & Go Kits and WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Concentrate are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. WhatABubble® is a registered trademark of Extreme Bubbles, Inc. © 2015.

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