Homemade Bubbles Without Glycerin

We've been mixing up bubble solution for decades, and even set a World Record for biggest free floating soap bubble back in 2005. See our record published in the 2008 and 2010 world record book editions. Many customers, clients, artists, entertainers and educators consider us bubble experts! Although we do make a living selling professional grade big bubble solution (beeboo is our flagship product), that doesn't mean we don't know how to mix up a mean batch of homemade bubbles.

You can find lots of recipes online for homemade bubble solution that call for glycerin or Karo syrup. Those recipes work great, but we have one big problem with them: most people don't keep glycerin in their cupboards! And when you're faced with a hot summer day and playful kids, you want to be able to mix up a batch of homemade bubbles right away without running to the store or placing any special orders.

That's where this bubble recipe comes in. It is incredibly easy and uses ingredients commonly found at home. No glycerin required for this homemade bubble solution - instead we use HONEY

Homemade bubble solution, made with honey!

Here's the recipe:

Homemade Bubble Solution with Honey

  • 4 cups clean water
  • 1/2 cup dish soap (Dawn, the blue stuff, works best!)
  • 1/3 cup honey

Combine lukewarm water with the honey and stir completely to dissolve honey. Slowly pour in the dish soap and gently stir to combine. Try not to create foam during this step; too much foam prevents the solution from working well. You can use this solution right away to blow big and small bubbles, and the solution works even better if you let it sit and age for a few hours or overnight.

Homemade big bubbles, made without glycerin

All these pictures were taken about 1 hour after mixing up the homemade bubbles recipe. We are using the WhatABubble Wand and a regular kitchen mixing bowl. We had great luck blowing some beautiful big bubbles, though they did not last as long or float as far as bubbles we've created using our professional grade solution or bubble kits.

Easy Bubble Recipe using honey

DIY bubble solution for big bubbles

We were thrilled to find that the small bubbles we made with this homemade solution landed on grass without popping! How cool! 

Bubble Recipe for DIY bubbles

We made small bubbles using the new 8-1 wand from Magic Bubbles. We love this wand so much - it's one of the best small bubble wands we've ever used.

DIY Bubble Solution - an easy bubble recipe without glycerin

Give this homemade solution a try! It really works, and it's so easy. We would love to see your pictures of this homemade solution in action. Please send them to us at customerservice@ExtremeBubbles.com or post them on our Facebook page!

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January 06, 2017

Thank you for this recipe, I’ll be doing this in the snow! Can’t wait for the results!!


August 05, 2016

Thanks for this recipe, it works really well. I was looking for something to use instead of glycerine, but honey is perfect since we have bees. Just a shame we don’t have the special wands for making those big bubbles!

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