WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Refills USA

WhatABubble Giant Bubble Mix Refills is the convenient way to refill your Giant Bubble Grab & Go Kit. 

Nothing works better for creating big, colorful, long lasting bubbles than our new WhatABubble Giant Bubble Mix. The secret is in the formula. Add one 4 fl oz bottle to 3.5 cups tap water, mix gently, remove foam. Works great right after mixing and works even better the next day. Refill line is printed on the WhatABubble Kit. Each bottle makes one quart of ready to use solution, 1.5 gallons total.

Giant Bubble Mix is a terrific bubble mix refill. Giant Bubble Mix works great with practically any bubble wand, large or small, as well as bubble machines, bubble guns, bubble mowers, bubble blowers, bubble hoops, bubble loops and virtually any bubble toy. 

WhatABubble Giant Bubble Mix is made in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. Extreme Bubbles, Inc. is family owned. We appreciate your business. With every order you help create jobs in America. #USA

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