Our most recent Extreme Bubble Team fan letter.

Dear David –      Dec 12, 2015

I am one of your biggest fans. We just love your products. We saw the segment on the Today Show and had to have your extreme bubbles. They never fail us. I cannot remember how many years ago we saw the segment - but I never forgot it. The kids and the adults just love them - just like we do!! In September of this year, we had a small family reunion in Lansdale when some of our great nieces and nephews visited from Florida. We immediately ordered your extreme bubbles kit and Wow - were they impressed with your bubbles. Our niece - a mother of twins - put pictures on Facebook and so many people wanted to know where we purchased your product. That happens whenever we take your product with us. Hopefully, you have had some orders from the events we have attended - taking your bubbles with us.

Good luck with the business. We are hoping you are always there for our special events!

Theresa S.

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