Extreme Bubbles sets a Guinness World Record and didn't know it!

We added Magic Bubbles premium formula to our awesome product lineup in 2015. Although we are know to be innovators and world record setters with our big bubble mix called beeboo® Big Bubble Mix, customers kept asking us to make another quality bubble formula, but for little bubbles. Consumers are so discouraged with little bubbles purchased at big box suppliers. One brand called Miracle Bubbles has a joke that consumers quote: "It's a miracle if you can make a bubble with that stuff." So we created Magic Bubbles. The little bubbles have beautiful colors. Watch one bubble. You can see the color begin to disappear, then the bubble itself seems to disappear with no pop spray or splash. Thus, Magic Bubbles.

Just after introducing Magic Bubbles, an elder statesman of The Extreme Bubble Team, Bryce, created this awesome video! I love the Hawaiian music too. As you can see, he making hundreds of bubbles with one blow, right? 

The first GWR for most bubbles with one blow was set on April 22, 2015 by Fu Feng Tsai with a total of 47 bubbles blown with one wand dip. No, I'm not kidding! Bryce broke the record when he sent us his video August 16, 2015. Bryce blows literally hundreds of bubbles with one wand dip using Magic Bubbles! Bryce quotes: "You run out of breath before you run out of bubbles!"

So what? So What? That means ANYONE can break this Guinness World Record if you use Magic Bubbles and the technique used by Bryce. YOU CAN SET A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD TODAY. "Create a New Guinness World Record Application: here: Order your bottle of Magic Bubbles here. Good Luck. Enjoy the day!


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