My Big Bubbles Keep Popping! How to solve common big bubble problems.

We've been blowing big bubbles for decades, and we've tried just about every solution and big bubble wand that's out there. After all these years of bubble blowing, we've learned a thing or two and we'd love to share our knowledge with you.

One of the most common problems you'll run into when blowing big bubbles is the big bubble that pops too quickly - often before it even gets off the wand! There's nothing quite like watching a big, beautiful bubble float off into the when your big bubbles are DOA it's a major bummer. But don't worry, we're here to help!  

The top five big bubble problems, and how to fix them.

Here are the most common issues that cause giant bubbles to pop too quickly. Run down this checklist and make sure you're not doing any of these things.

Top 5 Big Bubble Problems & How to Fix Them

  • Using a dirty container.

This is the most common issue, by far. And it's a tough one because it's not an obvious problem! Here's what happens: you mix up your bubble solution in a nice big bowl or bucket. It's got to be large enough to dip the bubble wand into, and it's also ideally big enough to hold a gallon of solution with extra room to prevent slops and spills. Often this container ends up being a kitchen mixing bowl or a utility bucket from the garage.  If there's any residue left in the container - even trace amounts - it can wreck havoc on the integrity of your bubble solution! Bleach remnants and oily residues are especially deadly to big bubbles.  So make sure the bubble solution container you use is completely clean and very well rinsed. PS if you'd like a special collapsible bucket for your bubble solution, we sell one here.


  • Letting too much foam build up on the surface of the bubble solution.

It's easy to let a thick layer of foam build up on the surface of your bubble solution. This can happen during the mixing process, or after you've been blowing bubbles for awhile. A layer of foam is not good for big bubbles - it makes them pop much more easily and frequently.The solution to this is simple. Just scoop the foam off the top of your bubble solution and throw it away. We just use our hands, but you could also use a big spoon. Once your solution is free of foam, you'll be ready to go again!


  • A dirty wand.

This one happens all the time. You lay your wand down for a second, then notice it's covered in mulch, grass clippings, little sticks, whatever. This is terrible for big bubble health! Your wand's wick needs to be clean, so just take a moment to pick off the debris. Rinse in a sink or with a hose if it's really bad. Once your wand is clean you're back in business.



  • Mixing bubble solution concentrate with distilled water (rather than plain tap water).

Sometimes we hear of customers wanting to be extra careful and take that extra step to make super high quality bubble instead of regular old tap water they use fancy distilled water. Bad news though! This will have the opposite effect on your big bubble solution - distilled water is terrible for bubble solution! It creates a weak solution that just doesn't blow good big bubbles. Your best bet is to use regular tap water. Want more info on the science behind this? Leave a comment if you're interested and I'd be happy to write another post about that.


  • A very hot dry day.

    There's one type of weather that big bubbles just don't like, and it's hot dry weather. Add in a little wind and you've got a day that's just never going to be great for big bubbling. It's primarily super dry weather that's bad for big bubbles, because it causes the water in the bubble to evaporate too quickly which causes your bubbles to pop. Hot plus dry just emphasizes this evaporation problem, as does a bit of wind. Try to stay in the shade and out of the wind, if you can, to help mitigate this issue. 

    Special tip: the absolute best time to blow big bubbles is just after a rain shower. The air is cool and damp, and any pollutants or particles floating in the air have been washed away leaving the way clear for big bubbles to soar!

    The top five big bubble problems, and how to fix them.

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