Secret for making the best bubble mix

Bubble fans are always looking for a good quality bubble recipe they can make at home. Most homemade bubble recipes just don’t perform. Here is the secret for making the best bubble mix yourself. I’ve tried this and it works great in every bubble toy I tested.

Credit for this discovery goes to one of our customers, James D. Thanks for sharing James!

Get one bottle of beeboo® Big Bubble Mix. Next, get one gallon of Miracle Bubbles made by Imperial Toy. Alone, Miracle Bubbles does not perform very well. Customers joke that “It’s a miracle if you can make a bubble with this stuff!”

Instead, mix 1/3 bottle of beeboo Big Bubble Mix with one gallon of Miracle Bubbles. The result is amazing! The new mix works really well in a Chauvet Bubble King Bubble Machine, Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Machine, Fisher-Price Bubble Mower, bubble guns, bubble swords, bubble hoops, bubble loops and small plastic bubble makers you blow through.

Even beeboo all by itself work well in all bubble toys! Dilute beeboo at the recommended ratio of 7 parts tap water to one part beeboo. beeboo Big Bubble Mix works better than homemade giant bubble recipes. 

Beeboo works great right away and works even better the next day! Once in solution, beeboo can last for months when kept free of debris, and stored in a cool dark place.

Try some beeboo in your bubble toy today. Get outside and play. With every purchase of beeboo Big Bubble Mix you help create jobs in America.

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