beeboo® Big Bubble Mix – How it all began

Folks often ask how we thought up the idea of beeboo big bubble mix. That’s a good question.

Some 25 years ago I purchased a big bubble wand that had directions on how to make your own homemade big bubble solution. I followed the directions perfectly, and was terribly disappointed with the results. I decided to create a better big bubble solution. I put my many years of water treatment chemistry to work and created beeboo® Big Bubble Mix.

beeboo is a concentrate. Each bottle makes one gallon of bubble solution, almost four liters. Why pay to ship water? You have plenty at home. For dilution, tap water works best. Add one bottle of beeboo to 14 cups of tap water, mix gently, and remove foam. beeboo works great right away and works even better the next day.

beeboo big bubbles are incredibly resilient, have beautiful colors and last an incredibly long time. Many customers have seen beeboo big bubbles bounce off water. Blow a small beeboo bubble, use a glove and bounce a beeboo bubble with your gloved hand. You will be surprised how many times you can bounce a beeboo bubble. Have contests where everyone helps keep count. This is a terrific bubble activity for kids and a great bubble game for parties.

 is easy, convenient and fun. beeboo works reliably in any weather conditions with any bubble wand or bubble toy. beeboo is also a terrific bubble mix refill. beeboo works great with practically any bubble wand, large or small, as well as bubble machines, bubble guns, bubble mowers, bubble blowers, bubble hoops, bubble loops and virtually any bubble toy. beeboo Big Bubble Mix works better than homemade giant bubble recipes.

For best results use beeboo Big Bubble Mix with beeboo Big bubble Pro Wands for the biggest bubbles or a smaller version designed for youngsters, beeboo Big bubble Starter Wands.

beeboo Big Bubble Pro Wand                    beeboo Big Bubble Starter Wand


Our beeboo Big Bubble video shows you how easy it is to make big bubbles with our beeboo Big Bubble wands. Simply open and close. It's that easy. With our wands, you get many more big bubbles per dip of solution. beeboo Big Bubble Mix is the secret. beeboo Big Bubbles have beautiful colors and last an incredibly long time. beeboo Big Bubble wands works much better than do it yourself bubble wands.

Extreme Bubbles, Inc. set the first world record for largest free floating soap bubble. We used beeboo® Big Bubble Mix. See our world record published in the 2008 and 2010 world record book editions.

beeboo earned the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award as one of the best new toys in 2008. Stephanie Oppenheim says it best in her blog "Best Bubble Toys". She is a huge fan of beeboo Big Bubble Mix. Stephanie is an exceptionally discerning toy tester and correctly identifies why our big bubble toys are so popular all over the world; "they appeal to people of all ages." You can watch Stephanie demonstrate our beeboo Big Bubble Mix and Big Bubble Wands on the NBC TODAY SHOW.

Extreme Bubbles, Inc. is family owned. beeboo Big Bubble Mix is made in the USA.

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Peter Goodall
Peter Goodall

January 24, 2014

Can we purchase Big bubble mix in Australia or can you send it by post.Is their an international phone no. we can call?

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