Looking for the best bubble machine refill?

We are huge fans of bubble machines! They are so easy to use, even for little kids, and make tons of bubbles for everyone. It's easy to go through bubble solution like crazy, and luckily it's easy to buy bubble solution refills. 

There are lots of options out there for bubble machine refills, and most of them work just fine, but if you're getting a little more discerning in your bubble buying you need to check out Magic Bubbles. Magic Bubbles are a premium, ready to use bubble solution that are a lot like the big jug of Gazillion Bubbles you see at Walmart...only better.

A few of the differences: a stronger solution that makes more bubbles that last longer, more colorful bubbles, a better wand, and made by a small family run business.

Bubble Machine Refill - Magic Bubbles

Here are Magic Bubbles in action in one of our bubble machines. The bubble production was incredible! We were a big hit at the neighborhood playground. 

Magic Bubbles - Bubble Machine Refill


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