WhatABubble® - World's Smallest, Most Portable, Giant Bubble Kit, Just Add Water.

WhatABubble® is the world's smallest, most portable, giant bubble kit. The clever design incorporates the 10" x 6" Ziploc as the package container as well as the solution container. Here's how. Each WhatABubble® kit includes a custom engraved collapsible wand, enough mix to make one quart of solution and the Ziploc becomes the solution container. How about this for convenience: You don't even have to measure water. Just add water to "fill line". Take a look at the WhatABubble® picture below. You can see the fill line about half way up 


The WhatABubble® custom engraved, collapsible giant bubble wand has seven feet of super absorbent cotton wick material, just like our very famous and popular Pro Wand, which makes the biggest bubbles. 

Experience ultimate giant bubble convenience and portability. Buy some WhatABubble® today for the most fun summer ever. 

WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Grab & Go Kits and WhatABubble® Giant Bubble Concentrate are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. WhatABubble® is a registered trademark of Extreme Bubbles, Inc. © 2015.

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