"I've tried at least 7 brands of bubbles: This is tops!" An Amazon Review by Pachelbel.

We received a five star review for New Magic Bubbles 32 oz Premium Bubbles on Amazon by Pachelbel. This young man tested seven brands of bubbles and our new Magic Bubbles is # 1! To date, I cannot recall such a complete and comprehensive review of bubbles. This is basically a PhD recitation, but in an easy to understand language. He is very thorough in his examination, observations and comparisons. He took good notes and he is sharing his valuable information with us. Thank you very much Mr. Pachelbel. 

The seven brand bubble review is complete with video upload. It's fun to watch and is only 34 seconds long. When you watch the video, count the number of breaths this young person takes, to blow all of the bubbles. How many breaths did you count? 

To read the review, watch the video and count breaths, follow this link: I've tried at least 7 brands of bubbles: This is tops!

 Pachelbel does an outstanding job outlining main features, advantages and benefits of Magic Bubbles. My favorite feature of Magic Bubbles, and the reason I call them Magic Bubbles is, that in the proper weather conditions, you can watch Magic Bubbles evaporate, right before your eyes. They don't pop, rather, they seem to disappear. Watch one Magic Bubble as it floats about. You can see the colors, then the colors disappear, and the Magic Bubble is clear. Keep watching and the clear becomes fainter, until boink, no bubble. Where did it go? I didn't see it pop! What happened to the Magic Bubble!?!?!?!?

 And don't forget that babies love Magic Bubble too!

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